Mental Health

Mental Health belongs to feelings of happiness,sadness,worthiness,useless,normal ,abnormal,successful,faliure, hopeful,disappointed,energetic,low energy ,feeling like a star,and not even matter at all,feel special ,ignored,achieving goals, not having goals and so on.

Mental health belongs to peace of mind which comes when you have specific attributes in your personality

the health of our thinking involves in our Mental health.

The balance in our thinking of negative and positive thoughts is very important for our health.

Effects of Negative thinking

To much negative thinking also effects our heart and mind also increase the blood pressure and heart effects the nervous system break the nerve cells(anxiety,depression).

Positive thinking

To see the positive things also make us a positive person.and calm down the blood pressure and heartbeat and stop our nerve cells to breakdown.

To listening good and positive things(people) will make us a positive and good person and will keep our health good.

Keap yourself away from the negtive people and things

we will try to work on the words which we have been listening.

“Everything happens for a reason “

To cause sorrow or to give us happiness to experience downfalls or the peeks of life.

Without struggles and pain the meaning of happiness is nothing.even struggles and pain fills meaning to happiness.

Things matters for Mental health


Always be a beliver of God.Nothing can hold you straight but only him.He will test your belive on him. but if you will keep on believing him .He will never let you alone and never disappoint you even in your darkest times.

To Value the blessings of God

First what are the blessings.

“Each thing that helps us to enjoy our existence ,to feel living,to live,even smaller then an atom ,an electron in the atom are the biggest blessings.


Gratitude is the feed for living and enjoying the blessings. With Gratitude blessings grow more and more.

Pray (peace of mind)

To keep your mind and heart in peace .keep on praying to God. keep begging from God.stay humble

“Make a strong connection with God,He is just a one step away,waiting for you to come to Him,and He will take you in His protection and you will shine through all darkest and painful phases of life”

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